Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is the seat of Nueces County in South Texas. It’s the 8th largest city in Texas behind Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi. It’s referred to by the locals as the “Sparkling City By the Sea.”

While this name makes one think of calm, sparkling water, the people of Corpus Christi are hard working. They don’t get to spend a lot of time luxuriating by the blue water. The largest industries in Corpus Christi include the retail and service industry as well as government jobs.

Corpus Christi is home to the headquarters of Texas’ infamous “Whataburger.” Along with fast food, Corpus Christi does have a rather robust cultural scene. Rather than one blended culture, the city is home to several unique cultures.

The city is home to a lot of tourists and residents. It’s a rather conservative city with old-fashioned traditions and values. This can make it difficult for LGBTQ+ couples seeking to adopt or handle probate matters. This is when it can be helpful to contact one of Eddington Worley’s experienced LGBTQ+ attorneys in Corpus Christi.


LGBTQ+ Community in Corpus Christi

Like a lot of other areas of Texas, Corpus Christi is rather quiet on the LGBTQ+ front. While there are LGBTQ+ people in the city, they tend to refrain from announcing it. LGBTQ+ people are not always welcomed in the “Sparkling City by the Sea.”

The city has made a few changes over the last four years. They’ve celebrated Pride for four years running now. They’ve also constructed an LGBTQ+ community center and is known for establishing one of the first AIDS support centers in the country.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community in Corpus Christi report feeling isolated. They said they, along with many of their LGBTQ+ friends, tend to stay quiet about their sexual orientation. People in this part of the State are still very unaccepting of LGBTQ+ people.

Corpus Christi Family Courthouse

Corpus Christi is the county seat for Nueces County. The Nueces County Courthouse, which contains the family court system, is located at 901 Leopard Street. The court is in the center of Corpus Christi and easily accessible.

The court has set up a hotline to help people dealing with adoption and probate issues. However, for members of the LGBTQ+ community, it can be difficult to navigate the court system. They also encounter a lot of resistance and latent discrimination when it comes to handling family law matters. Unfortunately, legal issues involving LGBTQ+ petitioners are still relatively new to the family court system in Corpus Christi.

LGBTQ+ family lawyers in Corpus Christi know how difficult it can be for LGBTQ+ families to navigate their way through the family courts in Corpus Christi. That’s why they work hard to help their LGBTQ+ clients when it comes to adoption and probate matters.

this image shows the corpus christi skyline.

The Corpus Christi skyline.

Landmarks in Corpus Christi

While it isn’t the largest city in Texas, Corpus Christi is still home to some pretty fantastic landmarks. The Texas State Aquarium is located on Shoreline Boulevard. It’s home to lots of aquatic mammals as well as fish. It’s a great place to take your whole family.

Another cool place to visit in Corpus Christi is the USS Lexington. This is one of the most famous aircraft carriers in the country. There are really interesting exhibits on things such as the attack on Pearl Harbor. You can even ride in a flight simulator. It is home to a variety of exhibits including an escape room called “Lockdown on the Lex.

Both the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium are located near the North Shore waterfront area. They are easily accessible from downtown Corpus Christi.

Contact an LGBTQ+ Attorney in Corpus Christi

If you live in Corpus Christi or are looking to move there anytime soon, you may need the help of an experienced LGBTQ+ attorney. LGBTQ+ couples looking to adopt or handle probate matters will find that it’s not easy to navigate the family courts in Corpus Christi.

Call today and schedule a consultation with a skilled LGBTQ+ family lawyer near Corpus Christi, Texas. They work hard to help you create and protect the family you deserve.

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