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Thousands of children need a good home. There are so many babies out there who don’t have loving parents. There are hundreds of LGBTQ+ couples who want to adopt a child. So, why do adoption agencies make it so hard? LGBTQ+ couples face a difficult road when it comes to adoption in Texas. LGBTQ+ couples make fantastic parents – there is proof of that. Yet there is still this perception that gay parents can be poor parents because they expose their children to a deviant lifestyle. Some people argue that children of LGBTQ+ couples get harassed and bullied. The Corpus Christi LGBTQ+ adoption attorneys at Eddington Worley know that these stereotypes are unfounded. This is why they are committed to making sure LGBTQ+ couples are treated fairly.

Sexual orientation should never be a factor when it comes to adoption. However, sometimes it is. Adoption agencies and caseworkers give LGBTQ+ parents a harder time. They scrutinize their lifestyle and make judgments about their sexual orientation. They do more detailed background checks. During their home study, the caseworker may look for things to criticize. The Texas LGBTQ+ adoption attorneys at Eddington & Worley will ensure that you are treated equally and not discriminated against in this process.

Thankfully, if you’re an LGBTQ+ couple looking to adopt, there are experienced adoption lawyers in Corpus Christi, Texas who can help. Adopting a child will be the most important thing you’ll ever do. Call us today at 855-949-0056 to make sure you have the help of an experienced LGBTQ+ adoption attorney at Eddington & Worley.


Corpus Christi Adoption Attorneys Help LGBTQ+ Applicants Find Their Babies

Adopting a baby isn’t easy. If you’ve been through the adoption process, you know this. You’re asking the court to give you a baby and strip its parents of all legal rights. It’s a lot to ask. This is not a decision that’s taken lightly.

Judges are careful when awarding children to virtual strangers. It’s the judge’s job to ensure that the child is placed with fit and loving parents. He has to protect the best interests of the children.

A lot of people choose to apply for agency adoption. They can be ideal for many couples. Yet, LGBTQ+ couples face certain issues when it comes to adoption agencies. Agencies claim they’re always looking for good parents to adopt. But, are they looking for parents who are LGBTQ+?

If you want to increase your odds of being granted an adoption, find an adoption agency that is willing to work with LGBTQ+ couples. You also want to retain an LGBTQ+ adoption attorney in Corpus Christi to help guide the way.

How To Complete an Adoption in Texas

corpus christi father with his adopted daughter

If you need assistance with adoption, contact us.

LGBTQ+ couples face unique challenges when it comes to adoption. It can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, LGBTQ+ adoption attorneys are not easily intimidated. They’ve handled many cases just like yours and will do what it takes to make your adoption a reality.

Here is the adoption process in a nutshell. Ask your LGBTQ+ adoption attorney in Corpus Christi to discuss the process in more detail and ask any questions you may have.

Select a Professional Adoption Agency

Make sure you do your homework. You want to find an adoption agency that is friendly to LGBTQ+ couples. Some companies advertise this fact. The agency you choose can make the difference between getting your child or having your application denied.

Complete Your Home Study

You have to do several things before you can hope to finalize your adoption. These things include:

  • Criminal records for anyone over 14 living in your household
  • Your financial records
  • Recent health records
  • Letters of reference from friends and family
  • Home inspection visits that take place prior to placement

Become Eligible for Adoption

If you’ve identified your child and completed all necessary paperwork, you’re almost done. You do have to submit your application and have it processed. Until this is done, your adoption cannot be finalized. You should contact an LGBTQ+ adoption lawyer in Corpus Christi to help you do this.

Once you qualify for adoption, your eligibility is good for 18 months.

Once your LGBTQ+ adoption attorney in Corpus Christi helps you finalize your adoption application, you can move forward with the approval portion of the adoption process.

In Most Cases, an LGBTQ+ Adoption Lawyer in Corpus Christi Can Help

If your situation is ideal, your adoption may be approved quickly. If you have issues with your background, it could take longer. It can even be denied.

Most people encounter some issues with their adoption – even straight couples. However, LGBTQ+ couples face more issues than other people. Their lifestyle is scrutinized. Social workers may feel they can’t provide a healthy home environment for a child.

This is why you want an experienced Corpus Christi LGBTQ+ adoption attorneys. They can ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Your LGBTQ+ adoption attorney understands how the court system works. And he knows the adoption process inside and out. They know that before you finalize your adoption, you’ll have to notify certain parties of your intent to adopt. Specifically, you have to send copies of your petition to the following parties:

  • Biological father
  • Biological mother
  • Foster parents
  • Current adoptive parents

Your LGBTQ+ adoption attorney in Corpus Christi can take care of this for you. He’ll locate the biological parents or guardians. He can even hire investigators to do this for you.

Your Corpus Christi Adoption Attorney Can Help You Understand the Requirements for an Adoption

In order to adopt a child in Texas, you have to meet certain criteria. The criteria for adoption in Texas include:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must be financially stable
  • Be a responsible and mature adult
  • Show proof of marriage or divorce depending on the circumstances
  • Attend mandatory training

Once this background check is completed, you need to schedule your home study. The home study is a way for the court to make sure you can provide your child with a safe and healthy home. The judge needs to know that they’re placing the children with a competent adoptive parent.

They’ll review things such as: Do you have a good work history? Are you going to be able to provide for your child? Do you have a criminal record? Do you abuse drugs or alcohol?

The caseworker is going to ask very personal questions. They may even go back years and question things in your past. This happens with all adoption applicants. However, you get higher scrutiny because you’re gay.

The social workers are going to ask you about your lifestyle. If they find out you’re gay, they may ask specific questions about your sexual orientation.

this image shows a male couple playing with their adopted child.

What Are the Duties of a Corpus Christi Private Adoption Attorney?

If you don’t like the idea of an adoption agency, you can choose to do a private adoption. Private adoptions are agreements between the biological parents and the adoptive parent. Your LGBTQ+ adoption attorney can handle this for you.

The birth parents will probably have their own attorneys. It’s not always a good idea for one attorney to represent both parties. It can raise questions later and possibly be used to invalidate the adoption.

Even if you’re doing a private adoption, Texas law still requires you go to through the adoption process. That’s why you need the Corpus Christi LGBTQ+ adoption attorneys at Eddington & Worley.

You want to make sure your private adoption is handled perfectly. If not, you may not get a second chance. Every time your adoption is delayed, it gives the biological parents another chance to challenge your adoption.

Your adoption lawyer will help with the following parts of your adoption:

  • Ensure that all documents are completed and filed with the correct courts or agencies
  • Handle any payment that is to be made to the birth mother
  • Refer you to the appropriate home study teams
  • Represent you at the adoption hearing in court
  • Ensure that the rights of the baby’s birth father are addressed
  • Handle any issues regarding a transfer of the child from one state to another
  • Ensure that all Texas laws are complied with fully

Contact an Adoption Attorney in Corpus Christi Today

If you and your partner are looking to adopt a child, contact a Corpus Christi adoption attorney today. Your attorney can guide you through the adoption process. He’ll help you determine what type of adoption is best for your family.

Adopting a child is the most important thing you’ll ever do. You’ll finally be starting the family you’ve always wanted. It’s worth it to do it right. This is why you need an adoption attorney to help you.

Contact a local Corpus Christi adoption attorney today to schedule your initial consultation. Your Corpus Christi lawyer can answer any questions you may have. He can give you an idea of how the adoption process works.

There’s no time like now to start your family. Why wait to start the adoption process? Call an LGBTQ+ adoption attorney at Eddington Worley today.