LGBT Couples in Abilene Need Special Planning for Inheritance

Although same-sex marriage is legal in Abilene, that doesn’t mean that all LGBT couples in Abilene choose to get married. And, even if you do get married, that doesn’t mean you and your spouse will both be legal parents to your children.

Like all parents, you’re going to want to make sure your kids are taken care of after you’re gone. Nobody likes to think about dying. But, eventually, everyone’s time comes. You have two choices. You can either hope that your kids will be taken care of by the law. Or, you can make sure you plan effectively so that you know your children will be taken care of.

A lot of people assume that, when you die, the law will make sure your assets are distributed fairly. You figure your spouse will get most of your assets, but your children will be taken care of as well. This isn’t necessarily true for LGBT couples.

It’s really important that you talk to a LGBT probate attorney in Abilene. The law doesn’t protect you the way it does other couples. If you want to make sure your kids are protected after you leave this earth, you need help.


An Abilene LGBT Probate Lawyer Can Help Determine Your Assets

In order to decide who you’re going to leave your assets to, you need to know what they are. You should meet with an experienced LGBT probate lawyer. They can help determine exactly what your debts and assets are. They can also help you determine which assets are yours and which you share with your spouse or partner.

Once you’ve decided what assets you really have, you need to decide where you want them to go when you’re gone. Most people leave most of their assets to their spouse. Then, they expect their spouse to leave the assets to their kids when they pass on.

For LGBT couples in Abilene, this is especially important. If you and your partner have adopted children, chances are, only one of you are their legal parent. This means that, when you die, the normal intestacy laws don’t apply. If you don’t have a will, there’s no telling what will happen to your assets when you die.


How Can You Protect Your Children?

The best way to protect your children is to draft a will. It’s never too early to do this. Now, of course, you may have to change it every few years. You may accrue more assets as you get older.

You can choose to draft a will that is generic. It can state that a portion of all of your assets go to each child. Or, you can specify which assets go to each child. For example, if you have multiple properties, you can designate for one to go to each of your two children.

Or, you can demand that your assets be sold and the proceeds be split up evenly amongst your kids. Keep in mind – a lot of property has sentimental value. Your children may not want to sell them off and divide the proceeds.


How Can an Attorney Help LGBT Couples in Abilene?

If you hire an experienced LGBT probate attorney in Abilene, they can help you draft your will. You’ll let them know what your wishes are. They’ll put your wishes into writing. You’ll review the document before you approved it.

Once you’re comfortable that the document expresses your wishes, you’ll have to sign it. You’ll also need a witness to sign it. Then the document will be notarized. Once this happens, the will is considered a legal document. It then has official power when it comes time to probate your estate.

You need to keep the original copy of your will somewhere safe. Only the original has any legal impact. The court won’t accept copies when the times comes to execute your will. Your Abilene probate lawyer won’t keep the original. They will recommend that you keep it in a safe or security deposit box.


Contact a Skilled LGBT Probate Lawyer in Abilene Soon

If you haven’t already drafted your will, you need to do it soon. You have no idea when your time may come. That’s why you should call and schedule an appointment with an experienced LGBT probate attorney soon.

People in their 30s and 40s don’t think they need a will. They assume they’ll live another 40 or 50 years. That isn’t always the case. It’s better to be prepared. Call Eddington & Worley and schedule your initial consultation today.

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