If You’re an LGBT Couple Looking to Adopt in Austin, You Need to Know the Challenges You May Face

There are so many children out there deserving of a loving home. If we had enough people willing to adopt them, they would all be in safe and secure homes. But that isn’t the case. There aren’t enough people willing to adopt these children. So, it’s more than frustrating to know that the system makes it so hard for LGBT couples to adopt a child.

While, officially, there are no laws stopping an LGBT couple from adopting, we know what really goes on. Adoption agencies have their own biases based on your sexual orientation. They may come up with an allegedly technical reason why your adoption is denied, but your Austin LGBT adoption attorney knows the truth.

In an ideal world, the people looking to adopt a child would have the following characteristics:

  • Financially stable
  • No drug or alcohol addictions
  • No criminal history involving violent crimes
  • No history of abuse of a child
  • A stable home for a child to live in

Your Austin LGBT adoption attorney knows how hard it can be for a same-sex couple to adopt. Their goal is to help their clients achieve their goal of having a family. If you and your partner are considering adoption in Texas, you should contact an experienced LGBT adoption lawyer in Austin.

Your Austin LGBT Adoption Lawyer Knows the Rules

In order to adopt a child in Texas, you have to meet certain criteria. These rules are enforced to make sure that the right parents are able to adopt a child. The court’s main concern is the best interests of the children. Since adoption isn’t something you can take back, they want to make sure they heavily screen any couple looking to adopt. This includes LGBT couples.

In order to adopt a child in Texas, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be 21 years old
  • Be financially stable
  • Be a mature and responsible adult
  • Complete your application for adoption
  • Complete criminal background check
  • Share personal information of you and your partner
  • Agree to a home study

If you meet these requirements, there should be no good reason why your adoption application shouldn’t be approved. Your Austin LGBT adoption attorney can help make sure you meet these requirements.

Your Austin LGBT Adoption Attorney Knows the Challenges You Face

It’s sad to think that, in this day and age, people are still biased against LGBT couples when it comes to adoptions. Some of the greatest parents are LGBT couples. When your social worker comes to do your home study, they will ask some difficult questions. You want to be prepared for what they may say (or not say).

Some of the things social workers ask include:

  • Will children be molested by LGBT parents?
  • Will the child be bullied or harassed because they have LGBT parents?
  • Are same-sex couples able to provide role models for their child?
  • Aren’t children better off with a mother and a father?
  • Will children raised in a LGBT family grow up to be gay?
  • Will children face developmental issues growing up in a LGBT household?

While none of these things are true, that doesn’t mean adoption agencies or caseworkers don’t harbor these feelings. Your LGBT adoption lawyer in Austin will fight hard to make sure you’re not discriminated against.

What Protection do LGBT Couples Have?

Because of the biases that LGBT couples face, many people choose to have just one member of the couple adopt the child. This may not seem fair. However, it can actually be easier for a single person to be approved than for an LGBT couple.

Once your adoption is complete, you can always proceed with a second-parent adoption. Your partner will be able to adopt the child with you so you are both considered legal parents.

Your LGBT adoption attorney in Austin will help you complete a second-adoption. You want to do this to protect you and your partner’s rights. Some of these rights include:

  • You won’t have to worry about your child losing their inheritance rights
  • Both parents will have custody rights should you divorce
  • You don’t have to worry about either parent running into problems when it comes to your child’s education and medical care

Contact an LGBT Adoption Lawyer in Austin, Texas

If you and your partner are looking to adopt and aren’t sure what to do, contact an experienced Austin LGBT adoption attorney at Eddington & Worley today. They can help you navigate the adoption process and improve your chances of finding a baby.

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