Do I Get FMLA From Work If I Adopt a Baby?

adopt a baby

FMLA is a wonderful time when you get to just stay home and bond with your baby while also adjusting to life as a parent. The 6, 8, or 12 weeks depending on the situation, can be a time to create a schedule that works for the household and get used to functioning in the…

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Can I Adopt My Partners Biological Child?

texas based lgbtq lawyer

You’re with someone for years, have a meaningful bond with them and their children, but you want to take that next step. We’re not talking marriage because you may have already done that. We’re talking about making the child in your life a legal part of your life, by taking responsibility for them as a…

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Changing a Child’s Name During the Adoption Process

the adoption process

What’s in a name? For most parents, a lot. New moms and dads-to-be spend months milling over baby name books and websites, consulting family and friends, and listing pros and cons before settling on a name for their baby – and then, sometimes change their minds. But what about when your future child already has…

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