Can I Challenge My Parents’ Will in Austin?

a judges gavel.

Not everyone who is gay or lesbian is fully accepted by their parents. They may wait until they’re older to reveal their sexual orientation to their parents. This could be because they’re afraid their parents won’t love them or treat them the same way. Or they may just know that, once they tell their mom…

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Issues LGBT Couples in Texas Face in an Adoption

issues lgbt couples in texas face in an adoption

When you consider how many children need a loving home, it’s amazing that there are agencies who still don’t support LGBT adoptions. There are same-sex couples who desperately want a baby. Since they can’t have one on their own, their options are limited. Adoption is a great solution for LGBT families. Even in this day…

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Does Texas Have Grandparents Rights?

picture with people practicing their grandparents' rights

You’ve probably read articles online about something called grandparents’ rights. Usually, we see these types of issues when a couple divorces or children are adopted. The biological grandparents want to be able to visit with their grandkids. They figure, they weren’t the ones who decided to give the children up for adoption – why should…

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Do You Need Help with Your LGBT International Adoption?

parents happy with their kids after an international adoption

It hasn’t been that long that LGBT couples could freely adopt in Texas. Of course, it wasn’t that agencies would openly challenge adoptions based on someone’s sexual orientation. They used marital status as the reason why they wouldn’t work with a couple to adopt a baby. Thankfully, the law in Texas now recognizes same-sex marriages.…

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What is a Second-Parent Adoption in Texas?

what is a second parent adoption in texas

When it comes to marriage and adoption for LGBTQ+ couples in Texas, things can become very complicated. It wasn’t until almost two (2) years ago that Texas finally legalized same-sex marriage. So, once a couple is married, how do they go about starting a family? Obviously, an LGBTQ+ couple can’t have their own biological children.…

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