How Much Does It Cost to Get a Will Drafted for Me and My Partner in Abilene?

Whether you and your partner are 25 or 65, it’s important that you have a will. We don’t like to think about what will happen when we die. But it’s going to happen at some point. When you die, your family is going to have to deal with a lot of things. They’re going to have to pay for your funeral and deal with your final affairs. It’s much better than-02 your partner or spouse not have to deal with a difficult estate. If you have a will drafted before you get sick or hurt, your loved ones will have an easier time closing your final affairs. This is why it’s important that you call and talk to an experienced LGBT probate lawyer in Abilene now. Don’t wait until later. You just never know when it may be too late.

Some people worry that it might be too expensive to pay to get a will drafted. What they don’t realize is that it’s an awful lot more expensive to not have a will. If you pass away without a will intact, your family is going to have to pay attorneys to handle what will surely be a complicated mess. You may have creditors knocking on the door and calling your loved one’s house. They’ll want their money and they’ll expect your family to pay any outstanding debts you had when you died. And without a will, there’s no guarantee that your assets will go to your partner or loved ones. The courts will simply follow the inheritance laws in Texas. You’ll have no say in who gets what because you won’t be there to have a say.

If you don’t have a will, it’s really not that expensive to get one drafted. And, if you have a will and want to change it, that isn’t all that expensive either. Just call and talk to a skilled probate lawyer in our office. Depending on how complex your will is, the price can vary. But it’s a lot less expensive to be prepared than it is to leave it up to chance.

Your Will Can Be As Simple or as Complicated as It Needs to Be

Everyone’s life is a little different. Some people have several properties and a ton of cash in the bank. If that’s the case, their will may be more complicated than others. Most of us, however, don’t have all that many assets. You might have a house, a car, and a modest retirement account. But, unless you have a lot of assets, you will really don’t have to be that complicated. As long as it dictates who gets what, you should be in good shape.

Some people want their wills to be a bit more specific. For example, you may want to set up trusts to protect certain assets or certain people. You may want to set up a college fund for your grandchildren. Or maybe you have special heirlooms that you want to go to certain relatives. This can all be spelled out in your will. The same is true for your assets in general. You may want to just divide it up evenly amongst your kids. It really depends on what you have and how big your family is. Most LGBT couples just leave most of their assets to their spouse and let them divide it up themselves. Your Abilene LGBT estate attorney can help you specify who gets what.

Contact an LGBT Probate Lawyer in Abilene Sooner Rather than Later

If you need to get your will drafted, call and talk to an experienced LGBT estate attorney in Abilene today. You can sit down and figure out what your assets are. You can also let them know if you want to set up any trusts. Depending on how many assets you have, your will might be simple or it might be complicated. You and your partner should come in together. While you will want to draft separate documents, you can have your will reflect each other. Your skilled LGBT estate lawyer in Texas will create a will that meets all of your needs. It’s impossible to say exactly what it’ll cost without really seeing what needs to be done. But you can call and talk to our office and get an idea of what it will cost. Set up a date and time that works for you.

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