Do You Need Help with Your LGBT International Adoption?

parents happy with their kids after an international adoption

It hasn’t been that long that LGBT couples could freely adopt in Texas. Of course, it wasn’t that agencies would openly challenge adoptions based on someone’s sexual orientation. They used marital status as the reason why they wouldn’t work with a couple to adopt a baby. Thankfully, the law in Texas now recognizes same-sex marriages.…

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What is a Second-Parent Adoption in Texas?

what is a second parent adoption in texas

When it comes to marriage and adoption for LGBTQ+ couples in Texas, things can become very complicated. It wasn’t until almost two (2) years ago that Texas finally legalized same-sex marriage. So, once a couple is married, how do they go about starting a family? Obviously, an LGBTQ+ couple can’t have their own biological children.…

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What is the Best Type of Adoption for a Gay Couple?

the best type of adoption for a gay couple | lgbt lawyer houston

For same-sex couples, adoption is sometimes the only option if they want to have children. Sure, you can consider a surrogate. But finding someone you trust who is also willing to carry your child is almost impossible. If you want to have a family, you have to be open to the idea of adoption. Adopting a baby…

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