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Can I Adopt My Partners Biological Child?

February 2, 2020

You’re with someone for years, have a meaningful bond with them and their children, but you want to take that next step. We’re not talking marriage because you may have already done that. We’re talking about making the child in your life a legal part of your life, by taking responsibility for them as a…

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Changing a Child’s Name During the Adoption Process

January 24, 2020

What’s in a name? For most parents, a lot. New moms and dads-to-be spend months milling over baby name books and websites, consulting family and friends, and listing pros and cons before settling on a name for their baby – and then, sometimes change their minds. But what about when your future child already has…

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Can I Challenge My Parents’ Will in Austin?

January 14, 2020

Not everyone who is gay or lesbian is fully accepted by their parents. They may wait until they’re older to reveal their sexual orientation to their parents. This could be because they’re afraid their parents won’t love them or treat them the same way. Or they may just know that, once they tell their mom…

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How Much Does It Cost to Get a Will Drafted for Me and My Partner in Abilene?

January 2, 2020

Whether you and your partner are 25 or 65, it’s important that you have a will. We don’t like to think about what will happen when we die. But it’s going to happen at some point. When you die, your family is going to have to deal with a lot of things. They’re going to…

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Who Has to Be Paid Before Your Heirs Get Their Inheritance in Austin, Texas?

December 24, 2019

When you die, the only thing you’ll be worried about is that your family is taken care of. Nobody wants to leave this earth and know that their family will have to tie up a bunch of their loose ends. This is why it’s a good idea to meet with an experienced Austin LGBT probate…

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How to Choose an Ideal Sperm Donor?

December 14, 2019

The decision to start a family is not one to take lightly – and having to decide not only whether and when to have a child, but who you will use as a sperm donor, can make the process all the more daunting. Though sperm donors are much more common than egg donors, deciding whose…

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